Progress on our Fallmanac

We’re hard at work on multiple almanacs. There’s about four Almanac sized works in our Month of Sundays project, compiling the collaborative art we’ve made while sitting next to each other and overlooking a single view every Sunday.


There’s an entire Almanac we are making of flower tiles. We call it the Floramanac.


We are also looking to make an entire piece out of birch bark. Stay tuned for that as well.

chaney art head birch in charge materials in process.jpg

In the meantime, we are working on a piece that reflects on our experience of this autumn. We aimed for it to imitate the verbal capacities of Almanac #3.

Almanac 3.jpg

As with this one, we wanted our Fallmanac to be seen as a poster from across the room, with mainly lettering being visible, but also to be viewable from a closer vantage as an intricate interweaving of words, images, and collage—neither a poem nor a painting.

an early arrangement of gridded letters in our Fallmanac

an early arrangement of gridded letters in our Fallmanac

Here’s our latest version of the Fallmanac with views of letters like leaves, falling into and out of color.


Birch Arts and Crafts

Sara and I spend many hours working with strips of birch bark. We harvest the freshest pages, as we call them, from a few fallen birch trees around our yard.

chaney art head birch in charge materials in process.jpg

Vermont is home to many birch tree varieties, and our yard is no stranger to nature’s occasional offerings and donations.


The material poses challenges for the inflexible. It is resilient and water proof, but it can break easily, too. Parts of it continue to peel worse than a fragile onion—only in the most paradoxically durable way.

birch bark women by michael and sara chaney

The material is fashionably lied about everywhere in popular culture for being white, charmingly mottled with deep brown or grey. Most bark paper is ruddy, reddish brown, nearly pine, with smooth random marks like Morse code or that notched paper fed into old self-playing pianos. It comes in distinct colors and textures, which is good news to those with a design mind.

With an ability to create sharp contours and contrasts, birch possesses rich potential as an expressive art form.


To purchase our birch craft products, please click here.

chaney art head birch in charge badge or award example of back.jpg

A Window is a View with Character

Whenever searching for ideas, we tend to get lost in the details. Answers hide like the truth, in plain sight. Consult your own windows and you'll see.

A window is only a way or means for seeing, after all.

This is the view from one of our favorite windows in the living room. It admires explosions of morning light captured over the Connecticut River.


Windows are expert reality carvers, and we wanted to learn all we could from this one. We tried to capture its point of view in our Almanac #4.

Can you spot it?

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 7.32.59 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 7.29.10 PM.png

Each window is a mailbox

The red flag is up. More messages await your seeing.