Making Flower Tiles With Polymer Clay

Michael and Sara Chaney Flower Tile Art Rose.jpg

We have spent luscious autumnal mornings and late summer evenings making flowers out of clay. We are doing this in preparation for another Almanac, this one to be made entirely of flowers in clay. We will call it the Floramanac.

Michael and Sara Chaney Flower Tile Art Lily horizontal series.jpg

Through tiles of clay flowers and collaborative practice, we recognize the passing of the seasons together.

Michael and Sara Chaney Flower Tile Art Lily vertical series.jpg

This vertical series features our rendition of the flowers still spreading the joy of their colors in our garden: the lily, daisy, home run rose, and oversized petunia.

Michael and Sara Chaney Flower Tile Art Lily.jpg

The daylily, as lovely as she is hardy and resilient.

Sculpting Flowers Or, The Florascope

We have been working on sculpture lately. Transposing our design aesthetic of the grid onto sculpted figures has been both a challenge and a reprieve. The summer's yield of blooms has served as inspiration. Below, you'll see three images from our latest almanac-in-progress, a sculpted homage to the buds around us.

michael and sara chaney art lily

The day lily is a plentiful inhabitant of our front gardens. Though her many green limbs can be a gardener's curse at times, we think she's worth the effort.

michael and sara chaney lilac

Liatris, Blazing Star, Gayfeather. This towering purple bristler is one of our favorite perennials. It was a joy to sculpt.

michael and sara chaney art coneflower

We know July is here when the cone flower blooms. This medicinal flower lasts well into August and is wonderful for cuttings.

When the winter months roll around again, we'll look with satisfaction on this almanac, we know.